Tesla a fény gyermeke  ||  Nikola before Tesla [2023]

documentary 70'

 Directed by
Ottó Bánovits and Sándor Takó

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Ottó Bánovits
Sándor Takó 
Nikola Tesla ... (based on the autobiography by)

Zsombor Jéger as Nikola Tesla

Produced by
Judit Romwalter ... co-producer
Sándor Takó ... producer

Cinematography by
Zsolt Magyari

Editing by
Gergely Roszik

Art Direction by
Viola Cserkuti

Sound design
Vajda Dávid Bodnár

1939 [2022]

shortfilm 30'

On 3 September 1939, a young woman mysteriously disappears. Diverse theories come up about the reasons of her disappearance. This detective story let us peek into a society divided to the extreme on the brink of a global cataclysm.

Lapsúlyos || Certin Solitude [2023]
choreographic moving image [dancefilm] – short; 08:07

The seeds of this choreographic moving image lay in my experiences being in the gym, running on the treadmill, and letting my perception shift, in which shift I could notice the choreography of this space around. The film oscillates between "everyday movement" and "dance". I was also inspired by the endurance of muscles, the discharges of the body, especially the sweat, and the skin itself in this process. As well touch plays an important role: how we touch different material qualities? How do we let ourselves been touched by the material, or by other people? How our eyes as .. touch the screen while meeting with the images, and what may the images touch in ourselves? Skin and metal. Warm and cold. Inside and outside. A pause. A longing. Certain Solitude.

Performers: Attila DÁNIEL, Attila HORVÁTH, Rebeka Petra KISS, Emese KOVÁCS, Henrietta SUDÁR, Zsófi SZÁSZ
A camera / DOP: Dániel SZANDTNER
B camera: Zsolt MAGYARI
technician and DIT: Ambrus KERTÉSZ
production assistant: Péter MURVAI
editor: Bernadett JOBBÁGY
coloring: Viktor BORBÉLY
original music: Rozi MÁKÓ

director and choreographer: Bernadett JOBBÁGY

producer: Dániel HERNER, Bernadett JOBBÁGY

production Company: Filmworks Kft.
location of shooting: Lite Wellness Klub, Budapest
special thanks: Miklós Lendvay, Szilvi (Vivi) Papp, Réka Szűcs, Gábor Valuska

The Project is supported by the KDP-2021 Program of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology from the source of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.

Director of Photography of the award wining short film Narancs Útlevél / Orange Passport directed by Gyöngyi Fazekas. Main Prize on Slow Film Festival 2019.

Directed by Bogdan Mustata

Writing Credits 
Bogdan Mustata

Cast (in credits order)
Ela Ionescu
Bogdan Albulescu
Radu Romaniuc

Produced by
Roxana Garet ... producer
Marcian Lazar ... producer

Cinematography by
Barbu Balasoiu
Zsolt Magyari

Editing by Ciprian Cimpoi 

Production Design by Oana Novicov

Costume Design by Murmur 

First assistant director Ciprian Panaite

Sound Department
Marin Cazacu ... boom operator

Vlad Voinescu ... sound

Camera and Electrical Department
Boroka Biro ... first assistant camera

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Oana Novicov ... costume supervisor

Additional Crew
Iulia Weiss ... stage movement

The Intro of the Romanian Film Week in Budapest since 2021.

Director of Photography and Stereographer of the creative documentary Government of Children directed by Ioana Mischie

Director of Photography of the campaign film Veled Másokért II. MESZK Kampányfilm directed by Robert Pejó

Stereoscopic consultant for the award winning clay animation film Love Me Fear Me by Veronica Solomon

Stereographer of the short fiction A New Normal. Writer Paul Nungeßer and director Luzie Loose.

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